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More on pH Balance and cancer fighting info part 2.

Posted on February 20, 2013 at 6:36 AM Comments comments (106)
 The relationships between acid and alkaline is scientifically quantified on a scale of 1-14 known as pH
( Potential Hydrogen). With this scale, 7 is neutral. The area below 7 is acid and the area above 7 is alkaline. Those two chemical types, ACID and ALKALINE, are opposites: when they meet int he middle they cancel each other out, creating a neutral pH.

Important to note and understand the equation as an Imbalanced pH affects all cellular activity in the body leading to the progression of most degenerative diseases including cardio-vascular and heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and systematic weight gain. So many of my friends, clients did not compute this chart and until they did they weight sat there. Get a  crystal clear view of acknowledging this info as it can clearly save your health and your life.

Optimal health can be achieved through eliminating many Acid  causing foods. The main goal here is to achieve a greater BALANCE   between acid and alkaline foods. As A GENERAL RULE  try to eat FIVE
alkaline forming foods for every one acid forming food.

Our bodies function best at a pH level that is slightly more ALKALINE than acidic (approximately 7.4 level). When an alkaline environment exists int eh body, t he individual is healthier vibrant and full of energy. 

Next I will add a chart of high acid foods, low acid foods,. alkaline and high alkaline foods for a better you.

Greens are a great way to start off and becoming greener with in. I will share my testing on clients and how I can read green and dead yellow individuals by what they ear and drink.
So stay tune for the food chart........... Think ocean blues, algae green -deep blue. Not dead grass yellow and brittle dry leaves and branches. Be a green tree and a ocean of blue till next time we meet friends.... 

In best of health and happiness