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What diabetes does to your life! How you can fix it!

Posted on May 27, 2012 at 9:19 PM Comments comments (121)
Diabetes has reached  25 million people in America and 74 million with pre-diabetes. It is  costing us 150 billion to  try and cure this  deadly disease.

We as a nation are paying a serious price for eating saturated fat, fried foods,high corn syrup, high fructose food and drinks. So many have paid the price by a limb or their life including my father! So wake up America. 

Central android type fat sits int he abdominal area which causes insulin resistance and diabetes.
Diabetes affect the vessels in your body, eyes, nerves, pancreas, kidney, brain, limbs, heart. Basically from head to toe your body is at a deadly rate. 

This disease ranks 6th among pre-mature mortality,  and death.

 Sugar gets into  the urine causing  to go to the bathroom frequently and become thirsty often. You should get a Glucose test for diabetes if you  think or have these symptoms. 

If you have this condition, your doctor should put you  on metformin which will aid this condition by 31 %, lose 7% body fat will reduces the problem by 58%,  but you must  change your lifestyle and understanding on your  eating habits and food choices while working out a fitness plan on a daily bases.

This percentage  can be reduced significantly by only 2-5% WEIGHT LOSS.

150 minutes more per week is needed to  rid the disease while eating better cutting out sugars and fried food.

Remember working out helps muscle to burn sugar lowering insulin resistance and lowering glucose levels.

When your weight goes down complications go away!
Heart, arteries, veins, blood clots, threaten limbs underline all these conditions is weight!

Red meat, dairy, fast food, fried food, sodas affect the heart and organs. So think about what you are eating. Is that burger, fries and soda worth a limb loss?

Keep active, change your diet, sleep and enjoy your life. Your worth living!