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Summer Time Travel Training ( Part one)

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 5:36 PM Comments comments (21)
When traveling always pack a good  pair of walking cross trainers, hat, sun block, and  sun glasses. I like to take along a bandanna to wet and wrap my head or use as a neck protector when walking in the heat.

When booking a hotel try to get a hotel near a local gym, park, beach, or one that has a gym in it.If not  your room can be used a training location.

There was a time when I was able to take my conditioning band on the plane to exercise during those long flights. There were no questions asked. Now  you may be questioned. Now a days you are confined to your seat like a prisoner. If so you can stretch and do seated leg lifts. Speak up and tell them you have to get the blood flowing. During movie time I get up and  go to the back where the flight attendants are and stand behind the last row to do leg lifts, glut crunches and squats. May sound challenging but I do it .Its great to get the circulation of blood flow going. Diabetic patients should tell the attendants they need to get up and move around. Very important  to move that body.

I speak of this as one year from a flight from Los Angeles to Germany (after a 3rd degree ankle sprang from a fall on American Gladiator rehearsals), I notices my ankle swelling.  Turns out a blood clot was moving toward my lungs. Big ordeal landing. No doctor informed me not to travel on a flight and I found out the hard way. I was in  the hospital for a week. Not  fun.  Since then I get up as I  hate sitting any ways. Too much seating flattens the gluts. You have a lot of booty work in that happens. 

While in a hotel you have stairs to exercise daily on .Walk the city, get into the local gym or hotel gym. You can also use your  hotel room furniture like the desk,chairs for leg lifts, squats, push ups, sit ups. Do jumping jacks, high knees,  body blanking for ab conditioning, shoulders and  back exercises. You should always add stretching  to your workouts. Before training is especially needed during the winter seasons,as a warm up can save you from injuries. After your workouts stretching is needed to relieve  tension and breath deep when doing so to eliminate and pulled or torn tissue. Stretching techniques can also help to detox the body.