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Stop microwaving with plastic-Hormone conditions

Posted on May 14, 2012 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (116)
All you microwave lovers: Microwave veggies may  save most the vitamins and nutrients over steaming by a large % , but did you know that using  non BPA approved plastic containers is bad for your health? Yes,  fact is non BPA plastics are made with harsh chemicals that  seep into your  food when the heating process takes place. Hormonal side effects can , may and will occur. 

When was the last time you had a hormone test: testosterone, progesterone, estrogen levels have been unbalanced for many years with more  and more occurrences taking place in males and females alike. Men should have more testosterone than women but studies show men now have very low levels of testosterone. Many women have higher levels. The man boob is related to this issue. With high levels of estrogen men develop man boobs. Young males who eat fast food and junk food contribute to this effect.
Young girls have started puberty at a younger rate than normal. Thank you  chemical infected fast food and its packaging. We now live in a very unbalanced, depressed society where a pop of a pill is encouraged but that will only effect and destroy your organs and create more health conditions in the long run.

America is one of the highest rated countries in the world with unbalanced hormonal conditions. Not only is our food supply  so contaminated with harsh chemicals form pesticides, preservative, additives and the containers that they come in.

America is getting bigger and with more health issues. More women have  hormone conditions now than ever before. 

Be a smart consumer and buy fresh,  buy from barrels in bulk, buy organically or local grown produce.