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DANGER:Buying water in plastic bottles can be a health hazard.

Posted on May 2, 2012 at 4:03 AM Comments comments (22)
 Fact:  The water you are buying can be worst than your tap water. From years of research dealing with 
these popular commercial bottling companies, I feel you should know the truth of your wasted money going down the drain AND  the health hazards. Buyers beware!


Plastic bottle drinkers:
Do not ever  leave your water bottle near the heat or sunlight! Heat will cause the chemicals to seep out into the water.
Switch to stainless steel  water containers or BPA approved water bottles that are chemical free and toxin free material.

Bottled water is not all it is cracked up to be, and  expensive.Many consumers are wasting their hard earned money on water that is tap water with reverse osmosis basically"treated water". It is vital you read "WHERE THE SOURCE "is coming from.  Meaning: The source should be from a natural location high in mountains. Some  water is not treated and is just NATURAL. Others are treated as it is recycled water or tap water  treated. 
I RECOMMEND: Water from Iceland, Hawaii, Fiji, or local spring water is even better as it is in the bottle the least amount of time. This is vital to your health.  You want water that is closest to you. That way  the product is not sitting in high estrogen, chemically produced plastic for a long period of time. 
You need to see if the bottle has been recycled also. So much harsh and dangerous chemicals go into the plastic which cause many side effects and  hard core illnesses. Cancer causing chemicals and high hormonal destruction is sitting in the plastic. The plastic is not BPA approved.

This is one reason  that women in America have hormone issues. They are off, have mood issues, depression, and hormonal imbalances. And many women have to take prescriptive medications. Many people including friends  who always bought bottled water have serious health conditions.

My suggestions and research  inform me that:

Aquafina is tap water treated. So why buy it? You can have a filter at home and treat your own water. It is one of the worse bottled waters. When I see people carrying this product and they are my clients or friends I do step in.

 Arrowhead is better. I use to call them and ask them where is their water source of their label "drinking water" which I found out was coming from a local community location which meant faucet water. I was so ticked off over this. With many complaints I then noticed no more drinking water on the store shelves. Consumers thought it was spring water but it was not. Again treated tap water.
They seem to only carry "Spring water now" which is more natural.

There once was a gold and blue  glass water bottle brand named "Trinity" here in the states which  glass is used by the Europeans and is so much safer. The water was many miles deep into the earths core untouched by man straight into the bottle. It was a little pricey but it carried many health benefits with high mineral intake. It was suggested that you  drink only a certain amount per day. Now that is no longer available.

Top health conscience water companies are only two I have researched.
1. ETERNAL  Naturally Alkaline
Naturally Alkaline
Balance your body's pH
Electrolyte Rich
BPA Free/No Phthalates

Comes in a glass bottle as many European companies produce glass bottled water. Very smart!
Natural Spring water
Bottles at the source in Tuscany, Italy

Vitamin Shoppe has an " Iceland" brand" and the bottles are not recycled. The water is from afar but very clean, pure and tasty.
Fiji is from a clean fresh source but again from a distance.

Alaska has a brand closer to Ca. 

Glacier is another good brand.

Geyser is one I believe in Los Angeles and the source is high in the mountain.

My main rant here is that consumers need to know what they are purchasing. Check the labels for the source. If  there is not source, don't buy it.

If it says treated water or is labeled reverse osmosis don't buy it . GET IT FROM THE SOURCE!

Fitness and health questions

Posted on April 4, 2011 at 11:03 PM Comments comments (120)
Welcome to Beautiful Bodies Beautiful Minds
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A professional athlete, model, actress, pageant queen, original American Gladiator, Playboy Centerfold and most important a mother of two athletes in the making.

This blog page is dedicated to many who just do not know whats going on with the body, diet, the right exercise for them, health conditions and many of nutritional and supplement market  of buy buy buy in todays world of advertising.
 Been there, done that.  Thousands of dollars later and 13 years research on my own with no help form the many many Dr's I visited. I am your personal help guide in the fitness and health directory in your life and a new friend.
 Remember what we discuss it is vital to always check with your Dr. with needs and wants to fitness and diet. Not that most will know the latest trends and products out there but it is advised.
So you have a fitness question or want to rant about your body I am here for you including the men. So step it up and lets get talking my friend.
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